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"It is always a delight to present Paul. He blends the happily tripping along gaiety of the hammer dulcimer with soft spoken and uplifting stories. Once upon a time a plumber, Paul left the uncertain world of construction to tour North America playing festivals, craft fairs, and the occasional little concert room such as mine. He has a growing number of CDs available, all eminently listenable."
Dean Verger, Presenter at Rasputan's Ottawa, Ontario

"The story-telling techniques of Paul Haslem are perfect for a school or library concert. He quickly had the children participating in his stories and songs."
Jeanne Marcella, Librarian, Terrace Bay, ON

"Paul offers a counter-balance of dynamic stage presence and evocitive music!"
Warren Robinson, festival co-ordinator, Goderich Celtic Roots Festival

"Paul is one of the most extrodinary players of the hammered dulcimer I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. His innovative stylings and sensitive interpertations leave you wanting more."
Bob Allan, Harp and violin luthier, historical re-enactor

"Paul's integrated approach provided many opportunities for follow-up activities back in the classrooms. His pacing and use of active participation held everyone's attention."
Stephen Todd, Teacher, N.A.MacEachen School Waterloo, ON

"Thank you for your dulcimer cassette, I enjoyed the music very much. The dulcimer sounded wonderful and the playing was very good."
Derek Bell, The Chieftans

"Paul Haslem should be labeled as a national treasure, as he continues to brilliantly play both his own compositions and traditional themes. A "must" for any serious listener.... classical, folk or contemporary."
Merrick Jarrett, Canadian Folklorist, Traditional Musician, Storyteller.

"When Paul Haslem plays his infectious blend of original and Irish traditional music you immediatly feel as if you've known him forever. He has the ability to draw an audience to him with his warmth, sense of humour, and joy of playing."
Larkin Bryant, festival co-ordinator, Memphis Dulcimer Festival

"I love Paul Haslem's work. This is hammered dulcimer playing with heart and cojones."
Charles de Lint, Fantasy writer and musician, Ottawa, Ontario

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