New Celtic Moon

Sugo Music SR9884


  1. The Rock of Cashel
  2. Donal and the Fairy Folk
  3. Morning Chimes
  4. Between Two Worlds
  5. Inisfail (Isle of Destiny)
  6. Wilderness Lament
  7. The Elora Gorge
  8. Fomarian Towers (The Black Rogue)
  9. Dance of the Sidheog
  10. The Abbess of Kildare (Bridget O'Malley)
  11. St. Brendan's Voyage
  12. The Battle of Dromcath (Grace O'Malley)

* previously released as Ancient Moon / Rising Sun

Ancient Moon / Rising Sun

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my personal favorite is a small plain player called Foobar, it will play almost any format you throw at it.
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To order this CD, or for pricing information, please contact Sugo Music at 1-800-927-7846.

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