Sound and Music for Healing

Paul playing the dulcimer

Sound is a universal, unseen power able to bring about profound changes on many levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.

Music is a special type of sound. It not only pleases our ears, its vibratory motions encapsulate a system of rythms, relationships, proportions and harmonies that exist throughout the natural and the human-made world.

Ancient Doctrines of India and classical Greece held that life and health depended upon a continuum of ratios and harmonic relationships within the mind and body. These same ratios and harmonies manifest as sound and music. It followed then, that music could restore the integrity of body and soul.

Music is a universal language. It brings us joy, it awakens our emotions, it makes us sing and dance and it is a powerful route to deep healing. Consciously or unconsciously, music is a guide in the quest for spiritual fulfilment.

Paul playing the dulcimer The Hammered Dulcimer comes to us from ancient times and is the oldest known form of percussive stringed instrument. It has a simple, primitive purity of sound with an ethereal quality which many people find both pleasurable and profoundly moving. The rhythms and melodies combine with complex overtones to produce a resonance which strikes deep within the listener.

Paul Haslem's dulcimer music has been a source of inspiration and joy to many people. Here is what some of them have to say:

"I always see fairies dancing when I listen to you."

"I have your tapes in my car. The music helps keep me calm and focused."

"Whenever I feel that I just can't cope any longer, your music lifts my spirits and helps me to think clearly again."

"Your music transports me from wherever I am to another state of being."

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