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Paul Haslem DT-006

  1. Walking the Trail
  2. Tapestry
  3. Spring March
  4. The Singing Frogs Jig* / Riverbank Slide
  5. Wilderness Lament
  6. Gambolling Dogs
  7. Snow Melt* / Pete's Prance
  8. The Owl and the Bear
  9. Call of the Swans Jig* / Taking Flight
  10. Into the Night

* written by Bert Pepper
all other tunes written by Paul Haslem

samples are in mp3 format
to play samples you need winamp or some other mp3 player
my personal favorite is a small plain player called Foobar, it will play almost any format you throw at it.
to view other mp3 players click here

To order this CD please contact Paul Haslem

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or emusic, which is my favorite service

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